Mission & Vision


The Aziz Tabba Foundation (ATF) believes that philanthropy is a sacred social responsibility. It is our collective duty and individual obligation to extend help to those who are less fortunate.

ATF is deeply conscious of its social responsibility and seeks to play its part in reducing deprivation and inequality in the underprivileged segments of our society. ATF also endeavors to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people, while upholding their human rights and dignity.


ATF’s carefully planned long-term welfare measures have done their bit to bring back smiles to helpless faces. The Foundation values quality healthcare for all without discrimination. ATF’s major healthcare initiatives are:

  • Tabba Heart Institute (THI)
  • Tabba Kidney Institute (TKI)

ATF is also committed to supporting the following welfare initiatives in its quest to provide relief to the needy:

  • Outsourced Medical Treatment
  • Housing Rehabilitation and Rent Support
  • Educational Scholarships and Vocational Training
  • Marriage Financial Aid
  • Monthly Ration Support

We aim to create sustainable and irreversible change in the lives of people we touch.

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certified Foundation

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