Founder of ATF

chairmainAbdul Razzak Tabba (Late), Sitara-e-Imtiaz

Whilst drawing utmost inspiration from the significance of promoting the noble cause of service to our community and humanity, few of the pioneers of Aziz Tabba Foundation (ATF) took the steps ahead, with a noble cause to strew smiles on the faces of underprivileged people and at the same time by taking back the feelings of deprivation from their lives.

Aziz Tabba Foundation was the brainchild of late Abdur Razzak Tabba, the founder chairman. He was not only a distinguished philanthropist and a renowned social worker of Memon community and humanity but he was also a leading business leader under whose visionary leadership, Yunus Brothers Group progressed immensely and became a respectable business group in Pakistan and abroad.

Aziz Tabba Foundation is a prestigious foundation with remarkable credibility at community level in Pakistan was established in 1987 in this mega-polis with its primary mandate to provide cardiac therapies and dialysis to the less privileged people of our society and nation.

We feel honored to say that we have treated a significant number of heart as well as kidney patients and we have made a firm commitment that we would continue to serve in future with the same spirit and commitment.

It is for this reason that the support and services extended by Aziz Tabba Foundation to the needy and disadvantaged are being commended and recognized not only by the patients and their families, but our endeavors have won widespread acclaim at various levels in Sindh region and most exclusively in Karachi.


Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certified Foundation

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