Tabba Kidney Institute (TKI)


A not-for-profit hospital for all kidney related ailments under one roof, operating under the auspices of the Aziz Tabba Foundation.

The Tabba Kidney Institute (TKI) is a 100-bed, specialist institution committed to providing complete, international-standard care for prophylaxis and therapeutic management of nephro-urological diseases.

TKI also serves as a centre of excellence for teaching and research and a continuing educational institution for nephrology, urology and related fields.

TKI has the privilege to be the only ISO 9001:2008 Certified renal care facility in Pakistan.

About Us

Dialysis is a specialized method of treatment that is relatively higher in cost. Patients who are suffering from kidney failure and cannot afford even the nominal charges leave apart paying the actual outlay, are being treated at Aziz Tabba Kidney Centre free of cost. For this purpose, Aziz Tabba Kidney Centre has established a charity fund to pay for the cost of dialysis expenses for disadvantaged patients.

TKI currently has 250 registered patients who are availing treatment from our social welfare services. Out of these, 80 percent are getting financial support from the Aziz Tabba Foundation Welfare Fund.

Services Available In The Hospital

  • Medical:
    Emergency, Dialysis, Diagnostic Laboratory, Radiology & Ultrasonography, In Patient Ward, I.C.U and Operation Theatres.
  • Consultations:
    Nephrology, Urology, Diabetes, Uro-gynaecology, Radiology, Pulmonology and Neurology etc.
  • Support:
    Pharmacy & Medical Stores, Medical Records and waste management.
  • Administrative/ Ancillary: Administrative and Ancillary services are looked after by C.E.O and C.O.O:
    Human Resource Department, Finance & Patient Billing, HIMS, Marketing, Engineering & Maintenance, House Keeping, Ambulance and Security.


Medical services are looked after by Medical Director:
Round The Clock Emergency:

Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery including two emergency dialysis machines, one dialysis machine standby and day-care beds, the Emergency Room is staffed with doctors and paramedics, fully trained to handle all kinds of Nephro-Urological emergencies. All necessary investigations are carried out in the Emergency Room and the patient may have to stay for a short while or up to 12 hours. If required, the patient is transferred to the in-patient ward. The reception at the Emergency Room provides information about registration, discharge and transfer to the ward.

Dialysis Unit:
The fully established state-of-the-art haemodialysis department has been operating since 1995. Operating in four shifts – the dialysis unit currently has 30 dialysis machines with a provision of a total of 36 machines. Patients are screened for Hepatitis-B and C viruses before registration. Dedicated machines with segregated space are available for hepatitis 'B' positive and hepatitis 'C' positive patients. This unit dialyzes more than 240 registered patients and performs more than 2,800 procedures per month.

Reverse Osmosis:
Reverse Osmosis (R.O) plant meeting European pharmacopeia for the dialysis procedure. The quality of water is regularly checked through PCSIR.D.C

Consultation Clinics:
Consultation clinics for adult nephrology, adult urology, diabetology, urogynaecology, pulmonology and neurology clinic.

These clinics are held by highly qualified doctors, and are open to all.

Radiological Facilities:
The state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities in radiology include ultrasound and all types of x-ray with computer imaging to carry out both non invasive procedures (like I.V.P, K.U.B, Chest etc.) and invasive procedure (like Ante Retrograee Pylography, PCN, Aspiration, Ultrasound guided Biopsies etc). Ultrasonograhy of various organs also been performed like K.U.B, Kidney etc, beside this the colour Doppler ultrasound is also being provided.
Interventional Radiology is another specialty of the Institute for all type of interventional procedures.   

Operation Theatres:
Two operation theatres, with all the support facilities like endoscopic instruments and C-arm (image intensifier), are equipped to carry out all endoscopic and open urology and General surgeries. The surgical suite also includes a 4-bed recovery room with complete post-operative monitoring facilities.

Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U):
The I.C.U. is equipped with the latest Central Monitoring System for blood pressure, E.C.G., temperature and pulse oxymetry. Central suction and air supplies are also available along with ventilators and Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer to support both surgical and medical patients needing this facility. In the I.C.U the Haemodialysis facility is also available for patients.

In-patient Facilities:
The in-patient ward has a central Nurse-Call system, central oxygen and suction facilities. It provides admissions for adult nephrology and urology in General Ward and Private Rooms.

Deluxe Dialysis Unit.
The Deluxe dialysis facility is a new addition to our Institute. In which a standard of dialysis is set by performing Hi-flux dialysis with endotoxcin filters on state-of-the-art dialysis machines. In Deluxe dialysis we provide all ambiance like separate cubical for each patient and sitting area for attendants etc.  

Continuing Education and Training Program:
Tabba Kidney institute regularly organizes academic and research activities as an on-going process for continuing education and training of medical and Para-medical staff. The Centre’s academic and research committee meets on every Tuesday of every month and all proposed research protocol is discussed for approval.
Training Programs for Dialysis Technicians are run by the institute under the supervision of our Medical Director.

Public Health Orientation Program:
Conducted at regular intervals to educate the public about common renal ailment.

Future Plans

Beside the consolidation as well as expansion of the existing facilities there are various additional operations planned as follows:

  1. Affiliation with CPSP for FCPS training program in Nephrology & Urology.
  2. Affiliation with International Institutions for research and training.
  3. Further expansion of our dialysis unit with the addition of eight more machines to run at its full capacity.
  4. Addition of lithotripsy machine to further strengthen the urology unit.
  5. One-year diploma in Renal Nursing.
  6. Start eye clinic.
  7. Start Gastroenterology clinic with the facility of Upper and Lower GI endoscopy.
  8. Start renal transplant program.
  9. Establishing TKI as a “Centre of Diagnostic Excellence” by introducing CT Scanning.
  10. Acquirement (in process) of HIMS with digital medical record to create a paperless environment.  

TKI's Team

Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba                                                 C.E.O
Dr. Syed Aqeel AhmedC.O.O
Mr. Sadiq                                                                                          CFO            
Dr. Bilal Jamil                                                                     Consultant Nephrology
Dr. Adnan Munir                                                                Consultant Urologist
Dr. Ayesha Saleem                                                                           Consultant Female Urologist / Urogynaecologist
Dr. Sheikh Sajid                                                                 Consultant Urologist
Dr. Asmooni                                                                       Consultant Pulmonologist
Dr. Saira  Abbas                                                                Consultant Neurologist
Dr. Asma Zafer                                                                  Consultant Radiologist
Dr. Irfan Lutfi                                                                     Consultant Interventional Radiologist
Dr. Shakeel Tukdi                                                              In-charge Dialysis

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