Housing Aid Rehabilitation

ATF believes that everyone is entitled to a home. Having a roof over your head is the most prized and cherished dream of many. The ATF Rehabilitation Grant Support Program offers a housing solution customized for deserving white-collar families with the aim to bring about a qualitative improvement in our communities. The ever-increasing cost of housing such as apartments has increased astronomically, pushing them beyond the reach of most working- class families. The ATF rehabilitation program provides financial support to families so that they can arrange shelter for themselves. The program is based on a need-cum-merit basis.

The foundation also provides rent support to low income families to complement their meager incomes.


Muhammad Asif Abdul Sattar Supediwala

My financial situation took a deep spiral downward and besides a lot of other things I ended up losing a very precious asset, a roof over my head. I was down for the count and it was then that I approached Aziz Tabba Foundation for assistance through the foundation’s housing scheme program. I had a sense of trepidation initially but I found the staff at ATF to be very warm, courteous and welcoming.

I am really thankful and owe my gratitude to ATF for the invaluable help it extended to me in trying times and taking care of my housing needs. I am overwhelmed and personally touched by everything that Aziz Tabba Foundation has done for me.

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certified Foundation

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