Marriage Aid

Marriage Grant Program

An often ignored reality that has plagued Pakistani society is that getting married is a financial nightmare. Such anomalies in our society are given the names of “Traditions” and “Customs.” The poor often borrow money from others to cover the enormously high marriage expenses of their children.

It is not hard to find instances in Pakistan where a poor family saves money for years to marry off a daughter, when only a portion of this money would have been sufficient to send the kids to school, buy them books and invest in their future.

Through ATF’s Marriage Support Program, the Foundation assists qualifying beneficiaries in enabling their daughters to get married without the family experiencing financial hardship. The scheme is conditional upon availability of funds.

Muhammad Arif Bawany

There cannot be more joy and pride for a father than to see his daughter getting married with a profound sense of honor and dignity. Being the sole bread winner of a lower-middle class family, my financial stature just did not allow me the luxury of spending huge sums of money on the long standing traditions of wedding functions. I am thankful to the management of the Aziz Tabba Foundation for taking care of wedding expenses of my daughter, relieving me from all the worries and making sure that myself respect was never hurt.

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certified Foundation

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