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Water Tube Well & Filtration Support

Water Tube Well & Filtration Support

Clean Water for Needy Communities within their reach!

Access to clean water is a fundamental right, and Aziz Tabba Foundation is committed to ensuring this basic necessity for those in need, specifically in affected areas of Karachi. Through our Water Tube Well & Filtration Policy, we strive to provide clean water to communities by implementing water boring and installing RO Plants for water treatment.

Initially, our focus is on supplying water for domestic usage, as we understand the importance of meeting everyday needs. People are often more concerned about having water for domestic purposes rather than solely for drinking. We aim to address this vital requirement first, considering the average household’s usage patterns.

Residents in affected areas of Karachi can approach ATF by submitting an application through the provided contact details. We are dedicated to assessing and assisting communities in need of clean water.

In the future, we plan to expand our efforts to include filtration processes for clean drinking water, ensuring a comprehensive solution for water quality.

Join us in our mission to provide clean water to those who need it the most. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of communities by improving their access to safe and reliable water sources.

Apply now and take the first step towards a healthier and more sustainable future with ATF Water Tube Well & Filtration Support!

S NoProject NoDateLocationDepthPump TypeImages
1109-02-19Sherpao Basti 300Submersible Pump
2306-04-19ALLAH o Akbar Colony (Ittehad Town)200Submersible Pump
3408-06-19Rehmania Muhalla (Ittehad Town)200Submersible Pump
4610-08-19Gulshan e Bihar (Orangi Town)200Submersible PumpNo Image
5705-10-19Rehmania Muhalla (Ittehad Town) - (2nd)200Submersible Pump
6804-01-20Gulshan e Ghazi (Baldia Town)350Submersible Pump
7915-02-20Khuda ki Basti (Taiser Town)200Hand Pump
81015-02-20New Lyari Sector-51 (Taiser Town)200Hand Pump
91114-03-20New Lyari Sector-50/A (Taiser Town)200Hand Pump
101214-03-20Khuda ki Basti (Taiser Town) - (2nd)200Hand Pump
111311-04-20New Lyari 36/B (Taiser Town)200Hand Pump
121411-04-20New Lyari Sector-50 (Taiser Town)200Hand Pump
131511-04-20New Lyari 36/J (Taiser Town)200Hand Pump
141609-05-20New Lyari Sector-51/G200Hand Pump
151709-05-20Ahmed Goth (Taiser Town)200Hand Pump
182011-07-20Mir Khan Goth (Taiser Town)200Hand Pump
192111-07-20Gulshan-e-Taufiq (Khuda KI Basti)200Hand Pump
202308-08-20Khuda ki Basti Phase II150Hand Pump
212410-10-20New Lyari Sector 50/C150Hand Pump
222510-10-20New Lyari Sector 36/E150Hand Pump
232710-10-20New Lyari Sector-51/G - (2nd)150Hand Pump
242814-11-20Saiful Maree Goth (Surjani Town)150Hand Pump
252914-11-20New Lyari Sector-51/H150Hand Pump
263012-12-20Malaigh Brohi Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
273112-12-20Allah Buksh Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
283212-12-20Karim Dino Guddu Goth (Surjani Town)150Hand Pump
293309-01-21Rustam Ali Brohi Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
303409-01-21Ali Muhammad Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
313509-01-21Siddiq Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
323606-02-21New Lyari Sector 36/A150Hand Pump
333706-02-21Mir Khan Goth (Taiser Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
343806-02-21Saiful Maree Goth (Surjani Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
354006-03-21Gulshan-e-Ali Muhammad Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
364106-03-21New Lyari Sector 36/H150Hand Pump
374210-04-21Raaz Muhammad Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
384310-04-21Ahmed Goth (Taiser Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
394410-04-21Siddiq Goth (Taiser Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
404508-05-21Lasi Goth (Malir District)150Hand Pump
414608-05-21Chatha Khan, Gabol Goth150Hand Pump
424708-05-21Mir Moula Dad Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
434805-06-21Gulshan-e-Noor (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
444905-06-21New Lyari Sector 51/D150Hand Pump
455005-06-21New Lyari Sector 35/C150Hand Pump
465110-07-21Mir Khan Goth (Taiser Town) - (3rd)150Hand Pump
475210-07-21New Lyari Sector 35/A150Hand Pump
485310-07-21New Lyari Sector 36/E - (2nd)140Hand Pump
495421-08-21Arz Muhammad Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
505521-08-21Gohram Goth (Taiser Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
515621-08-21Mir Khan Goth (Taiser Town) - (4th)150Hand Pump
525704-09-21New Lyari Sector 50/F150Hand Pump
535804-09-21Tharo Mangal Village (Maymar)150Hand Pump
545904-09-21Tharo Mangal Village (Maymar) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
556009-10-21Piryo Karamdi Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
566109-10-21Mulghari (Afghan Basti)250Submersible Pump
576206-11-21Hassan Noman Colony (Afghan Basti)250Submersible Pump
586406-11-21Old Basti Bhains Colony (Landhi)150Hand Pump
596604-12-21New Lyari Sector 35/B150Hand Pump
606704-12-21Laiba Masjid (Bhains Colony)200Submersible Pump
616808-01-22New Lyari Sector 35/A - (2nd)150Hand Pump
626908-01-22New Lyari Sector 36/A - (2nd)150Hand Pump
637012-02-22Azam Basti (Sohrab Goth)250Submersible Pump
647112-02-22Muslim Goth (Maymar)150Hand Pump
657212-02-22Tharo Brohi Goth (Maymar)150Hand Pump
677405-03-22Faqira Goth (New Sabzi Mandi)150Hand Pump
687512-04-22Malaigh Brohi Goth (Taiser Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
697612-04-22Ramzan Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
707714-05-22Shahbaz Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
717814-05-22Chatto Goth (Kathore)200Hand Pump
727904-06-22New Lyari Sector 35/A - (3rd)150Hand Pump
738004-06-22Karim Dino Guddu Goth (Surjani Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
667305-06-22New Lyari Sector 50/D150Hand Pump
748102-07-22Faqira Goth (New Sabzi Mandi) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
758202-07-22New Lyari Sector 36/A - (3rd)150Hand Pump
768302-08-22New Lyari Sector 36/H - (2nd)150Hand Pump
778402-08-22New Lyari Sector 35/A - (4th)150Hand Pump
788510-09-22Khuda ki Basti Phase II - (2nd)150Hand Pump
798610-09-22New Lyari Sector 35/A - (5th)150Hand Pump
808708-10-22Gulshan e Surjani Phase II150Hand Pump
818808-10-22Sara Bibi Goth (Surjani Town)150Hand Pump
828912-11-22Yaqoob Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
839012-11-22Karim Dino Guddu Goth (Surjani Town) - (3rd)150Hand Pump
849103-12-22Essa Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
859203-12-22Karam Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
869307-01-23Yaqoob Goth (Gadap Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
879407-01-23Ghulam Muhammad Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
889504-02-23Karam Goth (Gadap Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
899604-02-23Sara Bibi Goth (Surjani Town) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
909711-03-23Haji Jorak Goth (Gadap Goth)150Hand Pump
919811-03-23Haji Sain dad Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
929908-04-23Rasool Buksh Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
9310008-04-23Chatha Khan (Gabol Goth) - (2nd)150Hand Pump
9410106-05-23Naik Muhammad Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
9510206-05-23Gulshan e Naik Muhammad (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
9610310-06-23Murad Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
9710410-06-23Alam Khan Goth (Gadap Town)150Hand Pump
9810508-07-23Rozi Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
9910608-07-23Hassan Brohi Goth (Taiser Town)150Hand Pump
10010709-09-23New Lyari Sector 36/D150Hand Pump
10110809-09-23New Lyari Sector 50/E150Hand Pump

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