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Frequently Asked Question

ATF contributes maximum contribution through its own funds but due to high level of poverty and ever expanding segment of underprivileged people in our society, therefore ATF encourages others to make a donation towards these endeavors.

To apply for any kind of aid, the applicant must first visit the ATF Welfare Office with a written application describing his/her need to the welfare officer. If the applicant falls under the eligible criteria for the mentioned needs, the welfare officer will process the application by issuing relevant forms and conducting due diligence such as asking applicant to furnish essential details and data that would be needed to complete the formalities, otherwise application will be rejected.

Definitely, if applicant case has been rejected once for any valid reason at that time, it does not mean at all that applicant cannot reapply in future again. However, it does mean that applicant can re-apply for the same case instantly or after few days/weeks when it was rejected. But if the applicant re-applies in the future after an appropriate passage of time for the same aid with valid reasons or any other aid, his/her application will be taken into consideration relevant procedures will be followed as per policy. Note: If the reason of rejection is fraud or misrepresentation of details then the case will not be considered in future again.
ATF provides medical aid to the surviving needy patients of THI and TKI not only in Karachi but also in all over Sindh.

It depends on the type of medical case. If the case is for medical aid outsource then the period for processing a case will depend on its nature and urgency. Whereas if the case is related to the THI/TKI patients there is some determined period of time i.e.

  • For heart patients (THI) within Karachi: 3 days after the completion of documents.
  • For heart patients (THI) outside Karachi: 1 week after the completion of documents.
  • For dialysis patients (TKI) within Karachi: 3 days after the completion of documents.
  • For dialysis patients (TKI) outside Karachi: 1 week after the completion of documents.

ATF does not rely on cash transactions and after approval from that Committee, it usually prefers to pay the eligible applicant via pay order and rarely through cheque. For the monthly aid, ATF issues a debit card in the name of the applicant and donates the amount in that account after every two months.

Indeed, it is mandatory for the welfare officer to physically verify the applicant irrespective of the nature of aid for which he/she has applied to avail aforesaid aid.

No, it is not fixed. ATF also provides equipment aid to those female applicants who are willing and are capable to do job so that they can earn to support their families.

Donation to ATF is very convenient. Just visit nearest ATF/THI or TKI Office. Get assistance from concern cashier to make cheque, pay order or cash payments, and ask for receipt for the desire donation and drop respective donation in the drop box after acquiring donation receipt.

ATF prepares and maintains the proper books of accounts for the collection of donations and expenditures that were incurred for the disbursement of donations and gets its accounts audited from an internal auditors on continuous basis while from the external Certified Chartered Accountants at the end of each accounting year.

Those people who are less-privileged, their families and employees. THI is offering the services to the needy patients belongs to Jetpurian community who need cardiac and kidney medications but owing to limited means of income, they cannot afford such qualitative medication. Thus we assist such patients from charity sources formulated through Aziz Tabba Foundation Medical Aid Support Program.

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