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Medical Aid (Out Sourced)

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Financial Support for Critical Medical Treatment

The Aziz Tabba Foundation offers financial support for surgical treatment of cancer, hepatitis, and other terminal diseases. Our aim is to provide assistance for treatments not available at Tabba Heart Institute (THI) and Tabba Kidney Institute (TKI).

Through this program, deserving applicants can apply for medical outsourcing with estimates regarding their required treatment and which is not available at THI/TKI. Eligible individuals from the Memon Community can receive welfare support of up to 70%.

Eligibility to Apply:

1. Card of Registered Memon Jamat.
2. Doctor’s prescription and estimated bill from a well-known/reputed hospital.

Join us in accessing critical medical treatments that can make a difference in your life. Apply for financial support through the Aziz Tabba Foundation today.
Together, let’s navigate the path towards improved health and well-being.

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