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Marriage Aid

Marriage Aid

Marriage Aid

Empowering Community to follow traditions !

An often ignored reality that has plagued Pakistani society is that getting married is a financial nightmare. Such anomalies in our society are given the names of “Traditions” and “Customs.” The poor often borrow money from others to cover the enormously high marriage expenses of their children.

It is not hard to find instances in Pakistan where a poor family saves money for years to marry off a daughter when only a portion of this money would have been sufficient to send the kids to school, buy them books and invest in their future.

Through ATF’s Marriage Support Program, the Foundation assists qualifying beneficiaries of Memon Community in enabling their daughters to get married without the family experiencing financial hardship. The scheme is conditional upon availability of funds. Support is exclusively for deserving families of All Memon Community & Staff members over certain terms and conditions from Zakat Fund / Non Zakat Fund. We are the helping hands of poor families of Memon Community after following defined procedure of their financial circumstances

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